Friday, 5 February 2010

Tutorial:Cute Camera Case

This project was quiet an adventure to make.A whila ago I went to IKEA and bought this cute flower print fabric.I wanted to make something small and cute out of it, so as I hadn't came up with an idea yet, I just left it in my sewing room and almost forgott about it.But then I saw this post on daisyyellow( and the thing that inspired me was the go for a walk with your camera and take a photo of whatever intrests you.I think this sounds very fun and I want to do it.So I decided I would need a Shoulder bag for my camera.As my camera never had a case I decided it must be padded , so that the camera was protected.By combing these two things I came up with this sweet camera case.:)

1.First , grab your camera and lay it onto your fabric, about an inch in n all sides.Now in this photo I added a bottom, but as I sewed it together, I found myself cutting that same amount of fabric away, so you dont need a bottom.Flip your camera and trace the front.Now add a flap onto that, which can be as long as you like and it can be squared or rounded.

2.Cut out your piece of fabric and cut out a second one from batting, this will make the lining.You will also need to cut down some velcro , as a closure.

3.Mark using pins , where you need the velcro to go and attacxh them on by sewing a square shape on them twice (it needs to be sturdy).BE careful see 5.!!!!

4.Pin them right sides together and sew all the way around, leavinng the smaller end open.Turn right sides out.

5.I encounterd a small problem here.I had sewn the velcro on thĂȘ wrong side of the patterned fabric, so that when i had sewn the batting on top it was coverd.So either learn from my mistake and sew the velcro onto the batting, well only the side with the flap or you can do what I did.First cut a square out of the batting, so that the whole piece of velcro is visable(above), now just sew around the hole and voila! fixed.

5.Sew a top stich to hold the sewn sem in place and sew down the sides , closing the whole thing.male sure your camera fits inside snug.

6.Get some bias binding and after cutting to the lehgth you want, fold in half and sew.

7.Attach to your case.I sewed it doen making small squares of stiches and sewed it on just where the flap starts.


This project took me about 30 minutes.Have fun making it and if you do please share photos.


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