Monday, 22 February 2010

Bring Nature into your art journal

As spring is coming up , at last as I am soooo fed up with all this snow, I thought I'd share my thoughts on this new idea I have had.So warning: None of these ideas have been tested!
Isnt't it lovely to go for a walk in the forest?I came up with this idea , where you collect things from the forsest and use these in your art journal.Here 's a list of a few ideas how you could do this:
  • Let the colours of the forest inspire you next page
  • Pressed flowers and leaves(cellotape in to stop them from crumbbling into your journal)
  • tree rubbings, bring some paper and a pencil or crayon.You could even colour in the white areas of the rubbing to add a bit of colour
  • Any scrap of paper you may find during your walk
  • Take photos of any animyls, people or plants you see
  • Flat stones can be stuck in
  • random stones can be painted and used as decor or a paper weight
  • Make artsy nature terrariums.I plan on doing and posting a tutorial on this, nce the weather warms up a bit.If you have any ideas for this please comment below!
  • Draw animals or humans in the forest.Or if you don't feel confindent with your drawing skills, draw a tree or something.then now one can tell you it doesnt look like them!!

Yeah, thats all my ideas for now.If you have any please leave in a comment below and then I can do a part 2 reader ideas . that would be so cool thx.


  1. great ideas! i've been thinking about painting some stones for a little while now. there's an artist who does some beautiful things with them - check out her website:

    were you the one who commented on my blog as "anonymous"? i simply loved what you said! so very true, every word. though next time you should leave your name so that others can find you! thanks for commenting (if it was you!) - i appreciate it tremendously.

    spring's only a month away! hooray!

  2. Thanks !!! Yes It was me on your blog sorry i meant to pick leave comment as makealife but i accidently picked the wrong one.In future I will leave my name sorry!!Great link xo makealife

  3. no worries! i did post your blog link underneath your comment, so others can find you.

    you know what i love best about your blog? your enthusiasm for art is spilling out of my computer screen. it's inspiring and catching and so wonderful! :)

  4. wow ! Thanks so much for that wonderful comment.It is the best compliment I have ever got about my blog:)
    As a special thank you and because I think your bog is awesome I have addded your blog to my blogroll to.:)