Sunday, 28 February 2010

How to turn your art gallery trip into a goldmine for your art journal

Above is my page I did last summer after being at a seurat exibition.Here are some fab ways to do similar stuff in your art journal.

  • Take notes of what you think of the paintings; this can be techniques, colours, tralent or motiv.When you get home use these notes to write about it in your art journal.You could also add your favorite painting as a postcard.
  • You could get inspired to paint you own picture.Either a complete copy or just copy the colours, motiv or technique used.
  • Grab all the free broshures about the exibition and make a collage from them.
  • Pick your fave picture and buy a postcard of it.Look at it and write down all the colours used, the motiv and why you would chose it.Why do you like this painting?What could have inspired the artist to do this?At the end you can combine this info to a wondertful page full of your thoughts about your fave picture.

A close up of the above. You can see I have tested his dotted technique.
  • Learn about the artists life and use this as a preompt for your art journal page
  • Copy the painting in a diffrent medium. So for example if the original is an oil painting recreate oit in clay, embroidery , collage or watercolour.

Close up of how I think he does his horses.

Tip: Buy a guide to go round the gallery with as you will gat a lot more out of it if you know what
each painting is about.

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