Saturday, 13 February 2010

Why being creative is all about the process

too blurry

What does creativity mean to you?To me it is: making your mark using somekind of media on some kind of surgface.This can be anything from art journaling to baking bread or modeling stuff out of Fimo.The main thing about creativity is that no matter how bad or good your finsihed f├┤roject is , you will always learn from your process.Through out this post are pictures of me attempting to take a perfect photo of some pencils.

too much flash

None of them really turned out how I wanted , but i did learn a lot about my camera.I learned how far in I can zoom before it gets blurry, I lerned how to switch flash on and off.This whole exercise had no point to doing it whatsoever.I felt like trying to take a photo of my pencils-the idea came to me a few minutes before I had to go out, bad timeing!!!But thats just how I am.

too far away

No matter what kind of craft or art ,whatever you want to call it, you pursuit you will probably have done a completly random project sometime like this one.But as you can see i lerned a ton about my camera in this pointless exercise.So it wasn't pointless after all.When you do bad art, just think about what you dont like and think how you can fix it.If you are really pissed off with some art you have done, think about what you have learned from doing it.

not bad

creativity is all about the process-what do you learn form it?-the fun of it-and yes it is nice when you can look at a piece fo work you did and think yay it looks so cool, but remeber its all about the process!!!!

Creative challenge:

  • Do some thing for the process not the product
  • Listen to a podcast on a creative topic
  • Try out a new material
  • Find some thing that is in no way related to your craft and use it- so if you paint=embroidery thread the hairect.

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