Friday, 19 February 2010

Let's talk about the product!: Neocolour II watersoluble crayons

Today I am going to start a new series on my blog.Every so often (at least once a month)I will tell you all I know about a product.This can be my own techniques and ideas on how to use, links to good resources or videos that show you techniques.The art product I'm talking about today in NEOCOLOUR II.
I love watersoluble crayons they are so highly pigmented it is lovely to just smuch them onto a page in a random way and then add a bit of water and they will transform into a fab background base.Of course you can also draw patterns and then let them blend.The Neocolour II is the only kind of watersoluble crayon I have tried so in this post all my results will be with these.

In my many months of art journaling I have found that:
  • These crayons work on any surface, cardboard,paper,canvas,silver foil , coffee filters just to name a few.Experiment!I'd love to hear what surfaces you have tried it on.
  • They are a bit sticky.I have figured out a little technique to stop their stickyness.Instead of water solubleing(is that a word?) them with water use watery white acrylic paint or gesso.This tones the colour down a bit but stops any stickiness(although sticky ness normally occors before you put water on them ,but whatever).
  • Most gel pens don't work or at least not well over them.Ones that do work:Tip ex pen, other crayons.If you user the technique above pretty much all pens work though.

Now reasons why you should buy some:

  1. They are fun to play around with
  2. They are clean
  3. As they are in crayon form you can take them anywhere with you

Some fab links:

Note: Neocolour I is not water soluble and Neocolour II is, just remeber thaat when you go out to buy some.
So that is all I know(or can think of now) about neocolours, so go buy yourself some and start using them and comment below on how you use your crayons.



  1. Great post. I too love these crayons even though they are expensive. I've tried them on black gesso and on magazine clippings (without water) and I love how strong and beautiful the colours are! Checking out the links below too, lots of fun to look at. thanks!

  2. You are soo welcome!;)
    Are there any products you would like me to write about?
    Ps. I read your blog regulary and I saw your crayon mandala.I love it!!!