Wednesday, 23 December 2009

TUTORIAL:Last Minute Pressie:Collaged bookmarks

So just incase you have still got to get a few lastminute gifts but you have no idea what to make and acctuly you really feel like art journaling , why not make these cute collaged bookmarks?5 or 6 of them in a little set make a lovely gift along with some choclats.
1.Start off by cutting out some bookmarks from cardstock, they can be any size you wish!
2.Using watercolour crayons or pencils colour the whole bookmark
3.Using water paint with it
4.Either collect some pretty papers and stick them on or doodle a design on top of the painted surface
5.Now go over it in any colours you like, i picked black and whit, and sponge them, drip them , use handcarved stamps, use wine corks to get the round shape....
6.Write a quote on a piece of paper, either all in one block or in seperate lines...
7.Now you may want to outline the text boxes with a pen(I used artists pitt pens, brush)
8. glue the quotes down
9. add stickers and embellishments
Now this is just one way of doing it and i not saying its perfect or anything its just ment to inspire you!!!
Merry christmas!!!
PS:I found this really cool website , its got a tutorial for toiletroll angels, felt cookies....

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