Monday, 28 December 2009

What materials to use?part 1

When I first started ar journaling, the only thing I

had to go by was one two paged artical in craft magazine.It gave me a rough idea of what art journaling was but just staded use any materials you feel happy with and you have on hand.Now this is a very valid point and I do agree that you should use whatever materials you have and love, but still when you start out this can be hard.mabey you havent done much art yet and you want to learn about what materials are good to use.So in this post i hope to help any newcomers to artjournaling to find some cool art supplies and to show you all what materials I use.A while ago i did post some good videos from youtube on tthis , as you may wish to check out:

so here we go:

PAINTS: I use two kinds-Watercolour and acrylic paints.I use the Studio Lascaux acrylic paints( in dark red, bright red, yellow, lemon yellow, bright blue, dark blue, magenta(pink),black and a huge tube of white which also doubles as my gesso.I hayve a small palette of waterclours(see picture).

BRUSHESand other application methods:I use a bristle brush in size6,a size 11 and 13 0f those normal round ones,two one inched flat brushes for painting walls(i use for backgrounds), a small palette knife,an assortment of brushes in the sizes 6,6,10,4 and some unlabeld, a flat brush in size6, a middle sized waterhandeld brush and a sponge roller.


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