Thursday, 31 December 2009

A creative 2010

I am looking foward to 2010.But i have had a hard time thinking to deciede on some creative new years resolutions, cause there is just so much id like to do in 2010 and i would like to approch the new year openly and just take it as it comes, so I have just thought about some categories id like to inprove on or just continue;

ART JOURNALING:I want to just get better at it and find a nice balance between acctual art and writing, i dont just want to paint a bacxkground andf then write on it i want to add a picture.But then again I would also like to do a little more with watercolours in 2010 and as i got lots of pitt pens and neocolour foe christmas i want to use them alot in 2010.Also I want to try art journaling in a difrent format and on a homemade journal and on an old book.Oh and Id like to broaden my sight of art journaling and try journaling on a bag, tshirt, mug and candle...

RIDING:Id like to work on being on the right stride and getting my hands down when cantering.Also i want to learn more about horses and work on drawing them aswell

BLOG:I want to get better at putting together posts and try to add some extra value to my readers.I also want to aim to get 5 followers.So a little help?

CROCHET AND KNITTING:I want to do more of both of these and get better at them.I want to learn all the crochet stiches and learn how to cable knit.Oh and id also like to try doing a big project such as a blanket or iteam of clothing.

WRITING:I want to keep writing in my diary daily and also start a inspiration book.

STYLE:I want to pimp my clothing to suit my style ala DIY:

So that covers all the stuff i want to do in 2010.What about you?PS i made the bow cool eh?

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