Saturday, 2 January 2010

Why create in 2010?

Have you ever smellt the smell of freshly baked bread?Well then you know how utterly delicious it is.But imagine how smuch better it would tasteif you had made it yourself.And what about that new hat or that painting?Imagine if you had made these yourself .Food taste better after being hungry,well this is similar.I think whatever it is , it always tastes/looks/feels better if you have made it yourself.You also have the pride of saying:"I made it myself", if anyone asks.But another great thing is you can choose exactly what is used to make thefinished iteam.Then you also gat to have a fun time making it yourself.So by now i hope, i have got you raring to go.So do, go make 2010 your creative year.Doesnt matter what creative thing you do, just have fun!!!
Happy new year

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