Saturday, 2 January 2010

My December faves(art supplies)

This is a new monthly series i am starting.At the end of each month I will show you what my favorite art supplies of the month are and some ways to use them, which I think is cool.Cause then you can go out and get your own...If you have any questions or requests just comment below.So lets start;
1.Artists PITT pens
I love these pens and use them in almost every journal page i make.For writing, drawing , doodling and to do mandala doodle pages.I love the all of them but the essentials are just black in all four sizes.The colours are just a bonus:)
2.My little winstor and newton watercolour set:
I am really loving watercolours lately.You can use them for so much painting pictures, backgrounds , on paper and then collage it in...
3.A mini canvas and stand:
It is so cute , a friend gave it to me and I love it. But its just deco.
4.Palette knife:
You can apply paint in a cool 3d effect.And its lovely to create textures in the background and right now, i am working on a cool journal page where i have used a palette knife and a tipex pen to create a face.Post it when done.Mine is a 1018 conda.
5.A tipex pen:
This is such a cool thing, you can write and draw and doodle with it all over your page.
6. uni ball signo broad pen ;
in white(for doodling onto magazine cut outs and on a dark background and one in metallic pink just to doodle and write with.
7-A mini natural sponge:
This can be used to make backgounds and to ad depth.Like here:my collage bookmark tutorial .
8.A cool . but weird double sided tape dispencer:
For sticking stuff
9.A flat paintbrush:
nr.6 da vinci-college 8740
for painting:)
So these are my faves in dezember.I will do another one at the end of january.
Happy art journaling!!!!!!

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