Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bubble wrap printing and a another art journal page

I got inspired to have a go printing withj bubblewrap , after i had seen this blog post on daisy yellow( after christmas i had some left over from one of the presents i had got.So then I just went for it.I do not owm a brayer so i just put a rolling pin over it.I used acrylic paint (i guess you could also use ink).Once the background was done, i simply cut two heads out from a magazine and drew a body.Then i wrote down my new years resolutions(

Above is just a close up of one of the figures, as you cant see her that well in the above photo.Her dress was draw with awhite gelpen(i love these, you need one too, yes you do).

This is just a journal page i created.The background is watercolour, then a sketch of my room in pencil and the journaling is using a pitt pen and a gel pen.
"Perfection is not the quest for the best,
it is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves,
the part that tells us nothing we ever do will be good enough-
that we should try again"
- Julia Cameron

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