Saturday, 9 January 2010

tutorial:Craft Foam Stamps

So its really fun and super easy to make your own stamps.This was my first ever attempt on making any, so i choose a really simple way to make them.First gather you supplies: an old hardcoverbook(i used my old maths book hehe) craft foam, scissors, stanley knife, charcoal pencil(or any thing else that will cut your hardcover book), masking tape and ink . oh and a strong glue

So to get started, cut the inside of your book from the cover, as shown above.

Above you can see the next step, cut the spine out.Next cut out a square from your bookcover using a stanley knife.Now put masking tape around any raw edges.

Design your stamp, as you can see it took me a while to get the heart shape right.

Once you get it right draw it onto your craft foam.Next cut it out.

Lastly glue to your cardboard back, aka your old bookcover, and try it out using ink.

Soon i will post more photos of what other stamps looked like(which i also made) so stay tuned.

HOW TO USE: in your art journal, who wouldnt love personal stamp in their art journal?

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