Monday, 4 January 2010

More from my artjournal

So here are some pictures of my latest art journal pages.I have left lots of room between the pictures and my writing as some very helpful forum attendars(does that make any sense) said i should.

The first two pictures are both from the same page, one is just a close up on the person I drew as you cant see her all that well.This page was made over christmas , so alot of it is just trying out my new art supplies.;)

The 3rd picture is a little bit of doodling I did with my artists PITT pens.But i hate the girls lips.I still posted it , cause I think this blog should not just be about me showiung off my art but also ma failures.

The last pink picture has some pink wrapping up paper in the background.I like how its gone with all the layers.

Happy art journaling!!!!

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