Monday, 18 January 2010

Help for haiti

I am sure you all know about the 7.0 eathquake in haiti last week.It was terrilbe for the peolpe their.The local time at which it happend was 4pm so lots of people where out and about.ane then the earthquake struck leaving nothing but destructionj in its path.Lots of houses as well as the presidential palace fell.Now lets just go and see what problems this will cause for the people of haiti.besids the obvious of them no longer having homes and having to live on the road.All their hospitals have been demolished along with the few medial supplies they had in thr first place.Food and water is getting hard to find.the water they do find will be dusty and they will drink it as they are thirsty.But this will cause a lot of digetsion problems as the water is not clean.There is help coming but haiti is so small it is hard for big planes to land and as a result of this the people are stealing what little supplies there are from each other.More than 1000 peolp are thought to be dead and the graveyards are full up.So they must make mas graves with up to 18 people in one.
But now to the good part, we can help!!!Donate any amount of money to any charity helping haiti and you make a diffrence!!!!On this website i found a cool poster you can download and hang up everywhere. Download this or make your own and hang it everywhere!!!!!

Creative challenge:

1.Create something to sell to give the money to haiti

2.Give the money you would usally spend on craftsupplies to haiti

3:create a journal page about the situation in haiti

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