Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Green up your art studio part 1

You can never be green enough , the world id gonna be in shambles if we go on ölike we are at the moment.So wasting all those recources and releasing so much co2.But there are some fun and easy things you can do to green up you art studio.And the best bit is that normally bering green means reusing so not spending a load of money.
Here are a few suggestions that you can do to green up your studio:
  • Use old books in collaging and art journal pages
  • Gesso over failed canvases(by failed i mean the art on them) and reuse
  • Use an old cd as a paint palette
  • Old brushes that are recked in some way and can no longer be used for painting make perfect glue brushes or you can sharpen trhe end and use it foe marking in wet paint
  • look for a LOGO ON YOUR ART supplies(neolcolour II has one)
  • Paint art onto old objects
  • Do art beads using paper mache
  • Use the materials again in failed or wips projects
  • listen to this podcast
  • go to paper phantom where there are lots of cheap and there fore better for the enviroment ideas
  • alisa burke is always reusing stuff in her fab tutorials
  • use little fabric scraps to sew into art quilts
  • collect paperscraps to sew together or use in collages
  • Store your paintbrushes and pens in a old jam jar or tin
  • keep a junk box, in here put lots of random containers that you want to reuse , so for example an egg box, toilet rolls, intresting lids etc.
  • take crafty notes on both sides of your paper
  • buy recyled craft paper if possible
  • sew your own tote bag to take to the art store, so you dont have to buy a new plastic bag

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