Monday, 21 December 2009


Right now i am really in to learning things about layers and also to try them out in my art journal and have lots of fun.It is going to be one of my new years resolutions to get better at layering.And I thought I may as well share it with all my blog readers.So this is going to be the first part in the series.You will learn along with me, about layers. Some of the tips will be from me but others will bw from around the web and books.
One thing I have already learned is that a good way to strat is with colour and then gesso, this starts of your page nicely.Next just keep adding not covering with every layer.I got this very good piece of advice from one of suzi blus videos.So for now i will leave you with the 3 best videos i have found on the subject:

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You may also like: This is one of my first layered pages i every did:
(I have decided to give you one or two links to other related posts on my blog to get you seeing all the work i have put in on older posts)

Merry christmas!!!

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