Saturday, 5 December 2009

Here are some cool prmpts for your art journal:

1.Did you see a good film lately?Journali about it, add colours that make you think of it, add your ticket from seeing it and write what the story was about.

2.Experiment with diffrent new mediums like crayons or shading with coloured pencils

3.draw mandalas

4.Draw people and add your fave quotes.

5.Make a page with pictures of all your favorite stuff.Use your fave colours and photos ....

6.Design and plan new projects or partys in your art journal.

7.Grab a magazine and use it in your page in some way.

8.Make cool backgrounds and cut people out of an old book page and go from there.

9.Use photos of yourself

10.At the beginning of a new month makew a page with goals you haave for that month and tick em off as you go

11.Go overboard with your fave stamp and add glitter

12.Simply doodle

13.Cut out random words stick em on the page and get inspired from that.

14.Next time you go to an art gallery, make notes and buy postcards . Then make a journal entery about it.

15.If youre in abad mood.Go grab your art journal and express yourself in colour and words .It helps!!!

17.Doodle while you listen to podcasts

Happy art journalin!!!

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