Sunday, 20 December 2009

100 creative things i want to do in 2010(and a few makes)

To start above you can see the before and after of my pencil holder, i painted.Second i made a get well sooncard and a pretty doodle page from my art journal.
I am in a bit of stress right now trying to get all my christmas presents but i got distracted and made a 100 creative things i want to do in 2010 list.Every so often i will tell you how far i am on it once the new year has started.I wonder if ill do them all.Some take longer than others, but I thought it woild be fun to share my progress.So here is the complete list:
1.Start a series on my blog about art journaling
2.Buy some FIMO
3.Decorate a mask
4.Make some 3Dfaces out of FIMO
5.try bookmaking
6.make and fill a travel journal
7.Carve my own stamp
8.Create a project using ties
9.Collect patterned and intsresting paper
10.make a zine and share online for free
11.make some of my own art supplies
12.Create a monthly calender collage
13.collage on a canvas a plushie
15.Celebrate day of the dead and make a shrine
16.Use music lines in my art journal
17.Learn how to create deeper(feeling)backgrounds
18.Find a cool art journaling mag and subscribe¨
19.decorate school books
20.Make lots of badges and decorate school bag
21.Create some art quilts¨
22.throw a crafternoon
23.Learn how to cable knit
24.Collect buttons
25.Make my room artsy
26.Have a go at styling my old chucks...
27...and Then on my new ones and wear them
28.Find oout aabout the history of art journaling
29.Try knitting a shrug or sweater(well just a big project)
30.Collect paper scraps
31. Experiment
32.Make FIMO friendship necklace
33.Create a colour palette a brayer
35.Journal a t-shirt
36.make a mixed media doll
37.make my own buttons
38.Try embroidery
39.Join the non stop artjournaling month(in november or call a random moth my nanojomo)
40.Make ice cream
41.Sew or buy a tutu
42.Make resin knitting needles
43.Make some scrappaper out of scraps some crayons a qulted blanket art journal
46.make some sweets
47.Make journally easter eggs
48.writ for a zine
49.make some cat toys
50.Collect quotes in a nice way
51.Make a mosaic using shmashed plates
52.make some atcs
53.Learn about history of FIMO
54.Buy some creatîve books
55.decorate a mug
56.get some depth in^to my art journal
57.make a resin bracelet with my art in it
58.Buy a bigbag
59.Buy a handbag( thats small but big enough for my art journal)
60.Draw a map
61.Buy some 3d paste
62.¨make my own art journal
63.try doing art on paper and then binding to a journal
64.Have a go at making my own paper...
65.But first buy supplies
66.Find a creative penfriend a GOOD book a GOOD film
69.make a necklace with chunky beads
70.Play with shrinky dinks
71.Burn some songs and make a cd with cool cover art( mabey one a month)
72.Try dyieng hâir diffrent colours in wash outs
73.Sew a collage necklace
74.collect words
75.Collect prompts
76.try felt mosaic
77.Journal on fabric and sew a bag
78.make a page in art journal, 1 week 1o things
79.Take part in non stop journaling ,month and
80. non stop writing month
81.Find out about creative festivals
82. and celebrate
83.Buy new pens and have fun
84. make a ginger bred house
85.Make some earrings
86.Buy some glitter
87.Find an old book to alter
88.Buz gelmedium
89.Iron plastic bags
90.and make a bag
91.Create a fairy jar
92.Make some mosaic tiles from fimo
93.and use them
94.Buz some black flats a journaled pillow
96.Create an art journaled candel
97.buz special paper thin wax to do so
98.collect vintage papers
99.buz some paperdolls to use in art
100.collage a few book marks
Merrz x/mas

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