Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My latest artwork

I feel that in the last month or so, my writing skills on my blog and also my art has gotten better.Also I have sterted to work a bit more outside of my artjournal. I am working on a collaged jewelry box and 10 collaged bookmarks as christmas gifts.Yes I am still working on them.I know i should get a move on but I think art should not be rushed.When i am done I will post some photos though.
But for now I leave you with three photos of some of my latest art work.
1.My very first attempt to make an artists trading card.I loved making it. What do you think?
2.Is a journal page.The women where inspired by the volturi in new moon.I know theres not much visual reseblance but its more the feel i got when drawing them.
3.The first picture in the series of three pictures i want to hang up in room. Divided onto each it will say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.So for the second I am going to paint a big eye.

Merry christmas!!!!

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