Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Green up your art studio part 2

  • make yourself a paintbrush rack using some leftover wood
  • Avoid buying art supplies with lots of packaging
  • host a supply swap with your friends
  • Cut up magazines and the recycle the scraps
  • use an old telephone book as a paintbrush wipe
  • Collect your leftover paint in a cointainer, this will give you a brown colour you can use
  • Use an old non fiction book with pictures as and art journal:you can reuse some of the images in the background
  • Use some cardboard as apalette
  • use junkmail in your art
  • give oold boxes new coats of paint and use again
  • Go to the zoo to sketch animals:help preserve endangered species
  • Reuse envelopes as collage files

Do you have any green tips?

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